Lehigh Valley Homeless Children Diapers

Diaper Request Staging

Had an awesome experience with The Greater Philadelphia Diaper Bank this weekend. Helped to stage diaper order requests for several organizations in the Lehigh Valley. Learned that there is clearly a dire need for larger sized diapers and pull ups in the Valley. I wish we had enough resources to give them what they needed,…
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Greater Philadelphia Diaper Bank

The Greater Philadelphia Diaper Bank

  The Greater Philadelphia Diaper Bank has been one of the few organizations in Eastern PA truly dedicated towards addressing the chronic lack of diapers throughout the region. The work by Pat and the organization can only be described as spectacular. The number of lives they have influenced over the years are countless. At LV…
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Lehigh Valley agency throws Hail Mary to save homeless housing – The Morning Call

The Community Action Committee of the Lehigh Valley finds a miracle to save key homeless housing program, writes Morning Call columnist Bill White The term “Hail Mary” is firmly entrenched in football terminology as a desperate long pass into the end zone at the end of a half or particularly the end of a game.…
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Diapers Diapers Diapers

Diapers Most people do not realize how big of a problem diapers are for parents.  An issue most of us seem to take for granted have become a tremendous issue for local homeless shelters.  When reaching out to most of the homeless shelters in the area asking them what they need, the first thing that…
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